Timer Reminder...

You don't have to be tech savvy... If you haven't found your way around the smart phone apps, or your phone keeps running out of charge just when you need that alarm. 

Easy quick and simple to use.... set, start and forget... until the timer starts reminding you up to 5 times staring at the 45 minute mark with increasing urgency in sound.

Can be useful as a medical pacing timer, parking timer, medication reminder, kitchen timer or a hundred other instances.

Novelty Retro Timer Reminder with Key Ring

  • Product Specifications: •Reminder timer for parking but can be used for a variety of timer applications •When parking, set the timer to the amount of time left on the park •Countdown clock will remind you when expired time is nearing •Increases in urgency as expiry time nears •Backlit display for easy viewing •Multiple alarms •Keyring included •Battery included Night Light and Operating Lights. – Designed with the Hearing Impaired in Mind. Bonus Metal Key Chain – Hang it on your car key ring, belt or handbag The petit size fits in the palm of your hand and is extremely lightweight. Could have the potential to save you hundreds of dollars in parking fines – Disclaimer: Using the Parking Time Reminder is NO GUARANTEE of you never receiving a parking ticket. It is still the consumers responsibility to change the battery as required, feed a meter or move a vehicle on time where required and the makers and sellers take NO responsibility for any parking tickets issued due to user error or neglect. Patent Pending. The Parking Timer Reminder is brought to you by an Australian family owned and operated company. We see our products through from design, testing, manufacturing and marketing. We welcome all feedback as it can only make your experience in dealing with our company better. The Timer comes in ziplock poly bag with keyring, battery and instructions. So easy to use you will be teaching your five year old how to use it!