•Never get a parking fine again!
•Perfect for busy people who know that the parking inspectors are on the lookout
•Connects to your keyring
•Alarm increases in volume and intensity as time nears completion
•Red and green lights to indicate status for hearing impaired
•Incredibly simple to use.

Product overview


The function of the Parking Timer Keychain couldn't be clearer

Yet there are hundreds of other uses for it!

From a reminder to take your medication, to a ktchen timer.

From a medical pacing timer to a reminder that you left the bath running.

Whatever and wherever you need it you can take it with you.

Hang it from your key ring or your belt.

Not Tech savvy?

Don't need to be with this retro easy to use timer.

Just press the set button in 10 minute increments

Press start and your done!

It will start to remind you from the 45 minute mark up to 5 times.

Turn it off by pressing the stop button twice.



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  •  Disclaimer: Using the Parking Time Reminder is NO GUARANTEE of you never receiving a parking ticket, or burn the chops. It is no guarrantee that you will not forget your medications. It is still the consumers responsibility to change the battery as required, feed a meter or move a vehicle when necessary! PLEASE BE AWARE that Overseas shipping goes through customs and this can hold up the delivery time. If you require tracking and/or faster shipping please contact us before you place your order.