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POSTAGE :: $1 per pack of 2 locks 


$1  SHIPPING IS FOR ONE PACK of TWO LOCKS ONLY!! Because of Increased Postage Costs we unfortunately have to charge normal postage for larger quantities.

Crazy Price 2 locks for $5.99.  until sold out....

When They're Gone, They're Gone
Portable Security Door Lock - Security that Travels with You


Make sure you remember to take one with you even if it's just to your mums place!

Renting and can't change the locks? No problem. No installation .... No key required...

The lock fits most left or right hand inward opening doors fitted with a latch.

NB: Does not work on sliding doors

All doors are NOT the same, some are thicker and some thinner than others.

We do NOT guarantee the lock will fit all doors.

Whether the door has a lock, no lock or the lock is broken this portable lock can be used.

Locks you IN and others OUT...


Works on most doors that already have locks.

Works on most doors that dont have locks or the lock is broken.

Works on most hotel doors that use swipe cards.

Works on most public bathroom doors.
Perfect for Home,  Travel Accommodation, Rentals and Share Houses

Stock Clearance Sale: 2 x Locks @ $5.99 per pack.

SKU: 2P161123
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