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Going away on holidays?

Visiting family?

The only place you wont need this great little piece of security is if you are spending the holidays on a desert island!

Will fit most inward opening doors fitted with a latch.

Takes just a few seconds to fit no installation and no key required.

Works on most doors that already have locks.

Works on most doors that dont have locks or the lock is broken.

Works on most hotel doors that use swipe cards.

Works on most public bathroom doors.
Perfect for rentals.



Q: Can it be used when you want to lock a door from the outside?

A: No. The lock is used to lock yourself in a room to prevent unwanted intrusion.

Use it in hotel rooms, public toilets, or bedrooms that have no lock.
It does not lock a door from the outside as the door needs to open inward.


Temporary Portable Security Lock

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