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Winter Warmer

What does winter mean to you?

A bottle of Red shared with your loved one while snuggling under a blanket in front of an open log fire?

Curling up on the lounge with marshmallows floating on top of a steaming hot chocolate?

Watching your favourite footy team try again and again to get those elusive two points for a win?

Or is it packing up the car and kids for a weekend at the snow?

How about jetting out across the globe to somewhere warm?

That's for me!

Winter.... freezing in sub zero temperatures.. three pairs of socks tucked inside knee high woolen Ugg boots, thermals, two pairs of thick woolen lined track pants.

Topped with three thick long sleeved woolen t-shirts a sloppy joe and that triple layered woolen three quarter length jacket that you swore your grandmother used to wear.

Not to mention the woolen beanie pulled down over your head and the neck warmer pulled up over your face!

What is it with this weather?

Stepping outside in the 10 degree cold you just know you will never move any further south of here!

Why are you laughing?

It's cold out there!

Yes it is!

What do you mean , it is sleeting and -8 degrees where you are?

And you are only wearing a pair of thongs with socks, long pants and sloppy joe?

You must have been borne at the south pole!

There is no way I am going anywhere until the weather warms up to at least 25 degrees!

Until then I am going to lock myself up in y room with a heater and good book.

And if you think you are going to barge in here to drag me anywhere, well try getting past my Qicklock! It will keep you and everyone else out... unless of course you resort to using an axe to get in!

Or you have a hot cup of chocolate!

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