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How likely is it that your home will be burgled?

How likely is it that you’ll have your home broken into this year?

Well, over 200,000 burglaries are recorded in Australia annually, with 20% of burgled houses being broken into more than once.

Statistically, you’re most likely to be burgled at 5pm on a Friday afternoon in October and least likely to be broken into just after midnight on a Sunday in February.

The most popular items taken in home thefts are (in order) cash, laptops, jewellery, cameras, mobile phones, wallets/handbags, ID documents (especially credit cards), TVs, computer or video games, watches, video/DVD players, power tools and stereo/audio equipment.

The Northern Territory and Western Australia currently have the highest national burglary rates, while the ACT boasts the lowest.

Our burglary rates are lower than in the UK and roughly on par with the US but more than twice as bad as countries like Germany, Spain, Japan and Sweden.

When comparing Aussie burglary rates with those of other developed countries it’s clear that we have a break-and-enter problem in this country.

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