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We are an Australian family dedicated to the implementation of innovative ideas.


Ideas for our products come from everyday situations and we truly believe that necessity is the mother of all inventions!


Our team is dedicated to customer satisfaction and delivery of value for money with all our products.


We have redesigned the lock to provide greater strength and ease of use, testing it on many doors worldwide.


We do not guarantee that it will fit every door, but it will fit most inward opening doors that have a latch on the door jamb.


It is NOT suitable for sliding doors.


It also now comes with it's own wallet for easy storage when not in use.


We have taken it in our hand luggage through airport securty with no problem both here in Australia and overseas.


Take a look at our customers testimonials and as always your feedback is welcome as we use it to improve our service or products wherever we can.



 * Suitable for an occupied room to protect from unwanted intrusion.   


* Hotels, home, visiting friends or when using public conveniences


* Suits left or right inward opening internal or external doors equipped with a latch


 * Resists over riding master keys, cards or picks. Simple quick, easy to fit and releases in seconds


 * Made of solid steel. So simple yet provides an extra security barrier in seconds.


* Credit card size stores in handy pocket size wallet.


 * If you are concerned about your privacy or security this great little gadget is what you need.


* Bring peace of mind when travelling both here and overseas.


* Provides that sense of privacy and security when living at home alone or in a share house.


* Keeps unwanted attention on the other side of the door.


* Everyone should have one….




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