The MIL Visit (mother -in - law)

'What time do you need Jack to pick you up?' 'No, no trouble at all! Yes he will be happy to do that. OK see you in a few days then. Love you bye !' 'What will I be happy to do?' 'Oh just pick Mum up at the airport. 'Well your interpretation of happy and mine would be thousands of kilometres apart there love! When do I have to pick the old battleaxe up?' 'Jack stop that. She isn't that bad!' 'Well you don't care if she walks in on me when I am trying to read the paper in the loo, or have a shave!' 'If you didn't take so bloody long in the toilet she wouldn't have to push her way in!' 'And I suppose that means no getting up close and personal in the morning while she is here either then?' 'Yo

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