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HO HO HO Christmas Time Is Near


You have all your presents sorted haven't you?

Slippers, Undies, Gift Cards, batteries for the kids toys

and a toy bone for your pooch.

What really? You mean to say you haven't even started yet?

Well you really have no excuse you know.... for one thing the shops have had their Christmas decorations hung since July!!!

Maybe we can help you out a little here...

Who do you have on you list?

Do you have any of your family or friends going on holidays?

We have the Qicklock Temporary Door Lock in single twin or multiple packs... perfect for that dodgy hotel room or even the posh 5 star ones with the electronic keys....

Keeps the housekeeper out until your ready!

What about friends that live on their own?

They could possibly do with a Temporary security Door Lock..... give them that extra peace of mind

Then we have the 'Parking Timer Reminder'

Now there is a little gadget that was incorrectly named!!

Why?? Because yes you can use it as a parking timer, hang it from you key ring or belt....

But most people have found so many other uses for it we should have given it a name like....'Multi Task Timer'...

or something similiar....

Its so easy to use it has made five year olds redundant!!

In any case take a look at our range and start your gift buying now before the shops start putting the Easter chocolates out at New Year!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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