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Qicklock Personal Security that Travels with You

Travel both in your home country or to foreign lands, can be a little scary if you are not prepared. Yes I know we all make sure that we have our passports up to date (We do don't we?). We make sure our credit cards are secure using RFID technology etc. We lock and wrap our suitcases to make sure no one can take the spare cash we hid in our socks,(You do that too right?). But what about our own personal safety? You can't take a weapon on board your flight to protect yourself from the criminal element.

So what can you do? Learn karate...Learn self defense....

All well and good but if you are at all like the 90% of others out there, who has time and energy for that?

You can do all these things, but when you are fast asleep in your hotel room ( doesn't matter to the crims if it's a dodgy one or 5 star), how do you protect yourself then?

With this great little gadget that we have developed over the years....

And you only have to part with the cost of a coffee and piece of cake!

Try it... like it..... tell your friends and give us feedback!

Travel the World with Security in your Pocket

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