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Beat the Winter Chills

Winter is making it's presence known.

The blankets come out, the fire is lit, and the winter woolies take the place of bikinis and sunscreen!

And for some of us it's the time of year we want to be somewhere warm.

Anywhere but here!

The holiday brochures show us the beautiful sunlit beaches and sand of idyllic islands in far off lands.

So if you are lucky enough to have a few free days or weeks up your sleeve you take them up on the promise of warmer waters!

In your haste to get away from the forecast of minus degrees and blizzard conditions ( well that was your pitch to the other half) you throw a few scanty bits of clothing in a backpack and off you go!

Only thing is when you arrive at your destination it is nothing like the brochure promised...

It's miserable, raining, the sun is in hiding, the sand is actually rocks and the island is in the middle of a shipping lane!

You didn't bring any warmer clothing and the hotel is slightly bigger and cleaner than your Dad's garden shed full of tools and compost!

There are a number of shifty looking characters lurking in the alleyways beside this excuse of accommodation and the other half is ready to start divorce proceedings!

You barricade your room with every movable piece of furniture and sit bolt upright in bed willing yourself not to go to sleep in case one of those characters decides to come look you up!

That's when your other half decides to start pointing the finger-

Why didn't you check Trip Adviser?

Why didn't you pack a jumper?

Why didn't you buy one of those portable security locks?

Wait! What portable security locks?

The ones that Sally and Greg told you about..

The ones they take everywhere with them!

The ones that give them an extra sleep in on Sundays because the kids can't break into their bedroom!

You know you may as well give up because the other half is right!

You should have checked Trip Adviser

You should have remembered to pack a jumper

And you should have bought one of those locks!

Then you could have gone somewhere rated more than 3 star.

Somewhere warmer.

And locked her out!

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