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Ahhh Mothers Day

The day dawns for most mothers the same as any other day depending at what point in life you have reached.

New mothers will have been up all through the night changing nappies and feeding their brand new bundle of joy.

No tea and toast in bed for them!

But the awe they hold in their new found position as the only mother in the world with such a perfect little angel is short lived as they progress to be the mother of that two year old!

This time in their life is when they really start to question their sanity at having been so hell bent on joining their friends who were pregnant before them!

By this time too most mums have done it again and there is not only a rampaging two year old but another gorgeous baby that fills the void of needing to cuddle that little bundle who so obediently stays where she put him/her.

Meanwhile the two year old can run faster than an Olympic champion without the need for drugs!

So now it's the school years and here is where a lot of mothers come into their own!

They juggle getting tired little ones out of bed, fed, dressed and out the door, with cleaning up spilt breakfast, changing the baby who decided now was a really good time to get rid of last nights dinner and downing a mouthful of cold coffee.

Here too is the time when Mums decide that they need more adult conversation in their life and return to work often part time.

A whole new perspective opens up as they listen to the inane exchanges of their much younger work colleagues who are living in the fantasy world of boyfriends, clubbing, shoes, dieting and giggling about how they are going to get married and live happily ever after!

The first bit of wisdom she is going to impart is what contraception will do for them!

Sleep ins are a thing that she can only dream about. And as for dieting she does that every morning downing cold tea and cold soggy toast after helping to find that elusive sock and changing that exploding nappy.

Ahh the teenage years!

Here her two little darlings have become more like strangers who have taken up residence in her life. They have no idea what the laundry basket is for nor do they seem to understand that food doesn't just miraculously appear on their plate. And she seems to have become an Uber driver who hasn't filled out the time sheet.

Daughters don't get the reason that Mum wants her to call when she arrives at the party and call when she leaves. Nor the reason that Mum insists Dad picks her up, sweetening the deal by allowing her 10 girlfriends to come stay the night!

Her brother has decided this is really cool by the way!

The sleepless nights pacing the floor worrying where her children are and if they are safe on their first trip overseas alone.

The call comes one day, 'Mum I am getting married!'

That boy who seemed to be hanging around a little too much is now the prospective father of her grandchildren.

The childbirth, the nappies, the vomit, the tantrums, the frustration, the worry, the joy!

The letting go.

It's all part of being a mother!

Wishing all Mums a very Happy Mothers Day, no matter what phase of life you are at!

Oh and usually Dad is really the one who helps cook that toast and boil the jug for the tea.

That is if he has also survived the parenting years!


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