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Home Invasion - What Can You Do

Home invasions can happen whether you think they will or not.

Any type of security is just buying time, time for you to be able to summon help or to get away.

Our portable security lock is an additional security device you can use to buy you time.

Most criminals choose the most opportunistic time to enter your home and that usually means when they think you are not at home!

If you are not at home it's a burglary, if you are then that's a home invasion!

You being home is not an opportunistic time, no matter how stupid the criminal is.

Most burglers will watch your home to see when you are gone, but home invaders will know your daily routine.

They will know where you work, shop, walk etc.

They will collect as much information as possible to determine the sort of resistance they will meet, to decide if you will be their target.

They can use deception to approach your home, posing as delivery personnel, salesman or tradesman.

Never allow anyone into your home without verifying who they are and always use reputable established companies.

Be aware of your neighbourhood.

Note construction vehicles, tradesmen, lawn mowing companies etc.

If something looks suspicious call the police.

Trust your gut.

Don't worry if you think you are being's better to be safe than sorry.

So how do you fortify your home so you aren't a soft target for these thugs?

Keep your house well lit at night.

Install sensor lights in the low lit areas around your home.

Post stickers and alarm signs around your home even if they are fake as they can still be a deterrent.

Dont leave heavy objects around that can be used to break windows.

Install highly visable house numbers so that police and emergency services can identify your home easily.

Dont leave boxes from recent purchases ie; tv's, computers and the like, lying around.

Invest in security cameras with motion sensors and a solid recording device.

Lock your gates and leave a nice surprise on top of the fence if they think of scaling it!

Above all be aware, be alert, and stay safe.

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